Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to make the hardware!

Hot damn, I'm almost done!

I found some beefy aluminum bar stock, and cut four lengths of it, in order to make some  mounting brackets. I've used this method a few times before, and really like the unobtrusive way that these look.

The brackets required some drilling

to accomodate the mounting screws.

The bars needed some TLC, they were a little scuffed.

Here I'm trying to lay out a few more holes; 

I marked them, and dug out some appropriate bits -

then spent a little quality time with my drill press. 

These came out exactly as planned. 

After a little more sanding, I shot them with some flat black paint. I think there are a few different camps in the "hardware color" field - and I'm definitely a fan of black hardware, as opposed to brass or nickel. 

Then I predrilled the wooden base sides and temporarily attached them to the base. A line, scribed on each side of the bracket with a utility knife, 

 marked the area that needed to be removed. I routed away most of the waste, and then cleaned up everything with a chisel. You can see the line I scribed here.

Now the bracket sits flush. Sweet.

I don't have much more work to do - attach a center stretcher and a little more sanding and this table will be complete. Delivery is always one of the best parts of building!

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Vegas Lupe said...

I just wanted to tell your readers that the table looks and smells even better in person. I can't wait to see how that wood will pop out when it is oiled.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for your 100th blog post of 2012. I'll drink to that later today. :-D Cheers!