Saturday, December 17, 2022

Supply chain issues

These holidays feel ever so slightly more sane than in the past - and I appreciate the slower pace. 

Sure, people still want the things that they've ordered ASAP. But I've long given up on the idea of promising that something will be done by a certain date. Deadlines take on a different meaning when you are partially retired.

Lately - some of the materials and supplies that I need are unavailable. It took me three trips to the lumberyard to get a few boards of walnut for an upcoming project.  I'm OK with that - the world isn't going to fall apart if there is a delay.  

All this means I get to build on a slower pace, a more deliberate one. I've quit counting my hours on any given piece, and just enjoy the process. It's really a lovely slamming of the brakes, and I highly recommend it to anyone feeling overly stressed right now. 

I'm nearly done with a mirror that I'm making to match a table that I built a few years ago. 

The table featured one of my ceramic tiles in the top of it, it has a lovely Waterfall Green glaze on the tile, and the combination is really nice. 

There's just a bit of carving on the table aprons, and I hope to add some similar carving on the mirror. 

When you rout a profile into an interior corner, the shape on the cut mirrors the shape and travel of the router bearing. That means that inside corners are rounded, like the photo below. 

It's not very attractive, in my opinion. 

That's where chisel skills are necessary. I start by scoring the area that needs to be removed. 

And then very carefully slicing the wood away in that corner. 

The last one I do is always slightly better than the first one, because... well... practice really helps. 

It's a small detail, and just takes a few minutes, but really makes a difference on the piece. 

I'll start carving the small details next - and hopefully won't have too much trouble finding a piece of 1/4" mirror to complete this piece.  I've made a few calls, and with a little luck, I'll find a piece and button up this commission.

Hope your holiday is slower and more enjoyable this year!