Sunday, December 16, 2007

Buy Handmade and feel good about it

I was just preparing to write about buying handmade, when the New York Times beat me to it. I guess if I'm going to be scooped by someone, a NYT writer is a decent competitor. There's a new wave of shopping mentality that sweeping the world, yes... the world.

It's about Buying Handmade goods.

Here's why you should.

And while I think some of the big chain retailers offer at least some decent stuff (Target, for example) I am bored by most of the goods that I see in the stores. Think of how many people
across the country own this

or this

or even this

When you could have this or this or this.

I think these three artists are exceptional, and I love, Love, LOVE their work.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Making an impression

Not much to report, other than I'm making some interesting ceramic platters, dishes and tiles. A friend of mine collects stamps - no, not the postage kind, the kind for stamping soft clay or fabric, to make designs. She's loaned me about 3 dozen, and I've been using them in my tile work and sushi dinnerware sets. Here are some nice examples: