Wednesday, August 19, 2020

My 2020 garden - one for the record books!

If you've wondered where I've been, rest assured all is well. I went a little overboard with the garden this year, and most of my spare time has been spent dealing with the joys of caring for it. 

I started many of the plants from seeds, and as they grew, 

it felt a little like Jack and the Beanstalk!

 Of course - I can't find the photos of the first day that plants went in the ground, but this photo shows the garden starting to sprout.  

Here it is - today. My cup runneth over! 

Whoever said plants don't grow in the desert doesn't know what they're talking about! 

These perennial artichoke plants are the first to start producing, and it seemed like every week, I was taking artichokes to friends and neighbors. I have two plants in the yard.

I lost count after harvesting 3 dozen 'chokes... what a bounty!

Then... the zucchini mania started. Oh, it started off slowly, with blooms and mini zucs - but wow, 

once the plant matured, it was a little out of hand. 

The leaves grew so large, they hid much of what was growing underneath. It's possible that the leaves provided some relief from the sun, and that's why things were growing like weeds.

 Next thing I knew, there were mutant beasts popping up everywhere!

 When they grew too big, they were perfect for stuffing. 

 It was a little out of control, but slicing these and throwing them on the grill makes for a wonderful meal! 

Then... the onions started asserting their dominance. Whenever I buy scallions at the store, I save the root end and stick it back in soil. I shudder to think of all the times I didn't do this, because I didn't know that they would grow. 

 I don't have to buy scallions from around March - November, and the new growth seems like its on steroids. I mean - who has ever seen a three foot long scallion? 

Then the tomato plants started producing...... 

and producing

and producing

and producing

and producing

and producing. 

I was harvesting about 2-3 pounds a day, and giving them to everyone who would take them! 

On top of that, there are 30 pounds in the freezer, for winter marinara.

There were a few visitors in the garden who didn't fare too well - this tree rat's skull was lurking in the soil,

 and this poor gecko ended up in some mud. 

While trimming some palms...  I found this leaf ready to sprout. Mother Nature has a marvelous sense of design! 

I'll get back to posting about woodworking soon - we're making some great tables in the Tablemaking class, and new classes are right around the corner. 

Stay tuned!