Thursday, June 23, 2022

Two nightstands, from start to finish...

 Ever wonder how a custom piece gets designed and built? 

It usually starts with a picture from a client. Like this picture that was sent.

But sometimes it's not that formal... I've worked from a simple sketch on a napkin! 

In this case, I had this link that gave me an idea of what they wanted. But the table shown in that link wasn't the right height. Nor the right tabletop size. Nor did it have the right number of drawers. THAT'S why someone contacts me! 

I love building smaller pieces like these - they're manageable and interesting to build. When I'm given some guidelines, I usually come up with a simple sketch, like the one shown below.

 And once we agree on a design (we made a few changes) I run to the lumberyard and choose the material. These carcases usually go together fairly quickly/

It's the detail work that is slower, and demands more time. 

Building drawers and hanging them, not to mention attaching the drawer faces, is a true test of one's skills. 

 Then there's the finishing... in this case, three coats of a hand rubbed oil finish, plus a top coat of paste wax. 

I'll be taking a bit of a break from building in the next few months. I'm having some health issues (problems, dammit!) and until we figure it out, I can't take on any projects. 

Wish me luck, and I'll keep you posted!

BTW - a huge thank you to Brenda and Mike, who have ordered so many cool pieces through the years. They're patient, have wonderful taste in furniture, and are so supportive to artists like me. I love building pieces for them!