Saturday, October 20, 2007

I hate to say that this blog is a low priority, but when things gets hectic and sawdust is flying in my studio..... well, this blog gets pushed to the back burner.

Meanwhile, I'm working on about 10 different pieces/designs/bids at once. Here are a couple of photos of two scaled models that I recently made for a client. They represent a couple of different table base styles, both of which I'm quite fond of making.

The larger table will eventually be 12 feet long. Which makes my back hurt just thinking about it.

Pass the Advil.

PS... I'd like to add something here about, which is the service I use to host this blog. It's been miserably difficult to use the past few days. For a while, it wasn't allowing anyone to upload photographs, which pretty much renders this blog useless.

And now, that the image upload issue seems to be solved, there is a text issue. The spacing and layouts are all wrong. So if this post looks jumbled and odd, I apologize. It looks particularly bad on AOL, so anyone viewing this on AOL must wonder how I can call myself an artist!

AOL users- try viewing this in Firefox, Safari, or Netscape and it should look better. My apologies.