Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The simple art of spoon making...

Have you wondered where I've been? 

Things have been really hectic over here, I've just wrapped up a few commissions and am getting ready to start the busiest teaching schedule I've ever attempted. My garden is going nucking futs, and every day, I give away bags of veggies. 

In other words - the summer is speeding by, and it pains me to think that I haven't posted anything of substance in weeks. But - the fact is - time just isn't free right now. I'm not alone; I hear this from a lot of people!

OTOH, I was convinced by a few students to join Instagram (here's a link). With all of that on my plate, I've been Jonesing to carve spoons. (What is my problem?) 

I've been reading this book in my spare time. Honestly, there's no time to really explore this, but ... hey, a girl can dream!