Friday, January 15, 2021

Here's what I've been up to...


First off -  Happy New Year to all you woodworkers -  this is going to be a feel-good update, and I think all of us need that right about now!

The year 2020 will go down as one of the more challenging times in our lives, but let’s focus on a few bright spots. I know one group of woodworkers who will have a better year, and it’s the crew at Transition Services. Last month, I sent out a request for donations to purchase a planer for the woodworkers there. They have a small woodshop, with a lot of donated and hand-me-down tools.  


When they attended the last AWFS show a few summers ago, they were fascinated by all of the machinery, especially the SawStop saws.

But their big need was for a planer, so that they could make cutting boards to sell in their gift shop. EVERYONE loves cutting boards!

As donations started rolling in, pretty soon it was evident that we were going to surpass our planer goal. And here’s the outstanding news - not only were we able to afford a planer but we raised enough to buy them a SawStop tablesaw, too.



Well - I take that back - we were just a bit short,  so Jeri and Christian at Woodworker’s Emporium covered the amount that we were short. Truly, this was a community effort that exceeded all expectations.

I want to thank everyone who generously gave to this cause… from near and far. These people are our heroes:

Angela B

Mark L

Jim C

Adam G

Nicola M

Elizabeth J

Ama N

David & Heidi S

Kareem M

Martin B

Paul Y

Leo D

Shauna O

Chip L

Alvin M

John S

Boz B

Loida C

Gail and George T

Dave F

Dereck C

Jeff S

Freya R

John and Melanie F

Rich M

Kean B

Kate P

Jamie Y 

Jeri and Christian B

Transition Services used their bus to pick up the saw - and brought a crew to help move it. 



A week later, I held a safety class with them, showing them how to properly make some rips and crosscuts. 


They caught on quickly,

and I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re loving this new addition. 

Let’s hope 2021 is a year filled with better times for all of us. I don’t know when we’ll resume our meetings, but I hope everyone stays healthy and sane during this trying time. We’ll meet again some soon…keep creating!


Thanks again, everyone, this woodworking community rocks!