Thursday, August 19, 2021

Get back to work!...

Someone said to me the other day - "jeez, you're only teaching two nights a week.... add some classes!"

Obviously, he didn't realize that I'm building quite a bit of furniture these days, and that's almost a full time job in itself!  The truth is - I'm really enjoying getting back to basics - cool joinery, working with beautiful woods, and experimenting with different finishes.

I just finished this Cherry desk, and it's one of my favorites. 

I've built variations of this design a few times, but this one is a special one. You don't find grain like this all the time, and I'm not sure if it really shows in these photos, but the drawer fronts are simply gorgeous. 

I have a few more pieces in the pipeline, and one of them will be a real challenge, employing a wood that I don't normally use, along with a finish that I've never tried.  

What could go wrong? LOL

Stay tuned!


Monday, August 09, 2021

Horse Crip Walking


The Olympics haven't been on the top of my summer viewing list, but I'll tell you this - Snoop Dogg doing commentary has given me more than a few laughs! 

NBC might want to consider adding Snoop to their Olympic coverage!

Friday, August 06, 2021

Magic is in the air

July was a ridiculously busy month, with the big woodworking convention in town, and lots of customers calling for work. No complaints here, other than the brutally hot weather. 

Even my phone was complaining!

A few weeks ago, I taped a podcast with friend - well, he started as a student, and since we have a ton of similar interests, we've connected on everything from working, to music, to gardening. So he went from student to friend in no time! These days, it's wonderful to make connections like this!

If you'd like to listen to that podcast and get a glimmer of what it's like to run a shop and school, here's a link: Cultural Q. 

 Meanwhile, I have a few things lined up on the bench, including restoring this 70 year old rocking chair, 

designing and building a cool foyer table, 

and working with a local magician, making a prototype for an illusion that he's developing. I won't be able to say much about the trick, because...well, you know - a magician never gives away their secrets!

One thing is for sure - it's never boring in my shop!