Thursday, October 04, 2012

It takes a village, again!

You know how I'm always saying "practice makes perfect" in the woodshop? Here's another case of that! A past client of mine wandered in with some of the most awesome aromatic cedar boards I've ever seen. He saw them at a lumber mill in Colorado and had to have them. (I know that feeling!)

They were roughly two and a half inches thick, and six feet long.  Really gorgeous boards, but with some splits and checking throughout.  

His vision was to make a dining table with them - so we sat and discussed a few details, but he mostly left things up to me. Sweet. The plan is for me to make this table, and since he's a painter/finisher - he's going to apply the final finish.

That's even sweeter, in my mind!

I started by running the planks over the jointer. They were bigger than me!

The top is comprised of three pieces, with live edges on the outside. 

Gluing it together took a village.

The next step will involve trimming the ends of the table top, and dealing with some of the splits.  Should be interesting! 

Thanks to everyone who helped - your help made this glue-up go SO much easier!


Rob said...

HELL YES!!! that looks AWESOME!

What did you use to protect the live edge when clamping? looks like just blocks of rubber?!?

As always Jamie, looks good!

Wood It Is! said...

Thanks Rob!

Yes, we just used some clamp pads and pieces of rubber/hard foam to protect the live edge. It worked out well - the live edges made it through just fine.

Vegas Lupe said...

Hi there Jamie!

Love the music and the editing job you did on the video. I look forward to seeing the finished product. It is an awesome project indeed.

See ya around!