Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Time Out!

When I've been MIA for too long, I start getting e-mails from people, asking if I'm OK. If OK means spending 55 hours a week in the woodshop, then yes, I'm fine. TYVM

No, seriously, this past week, 24 people successfully completed their woodworking classes. With no injuries. Well, OK, one... but it was just a chisel nick. Nothing a little duct tape and Neosporin can't fix.

I'm still finishing up that rush order for the air force base; it is almost done, and I'll blog about it soon. But for now, I thought I'd just post a few pictures of an interesting project that one of my students just completed.

He was enrolled in the Intermediate Woodworking class, which teaches techniques. Inspired by mortise and tenon joints, he designed and built this small "time out" stool for a friend.

This stool combines the old with the new.

Of course you've heard of a "time out" stool for disciplining kids. But this one includes a digital timer,

held in place with a small rare earth magnet.

This was the first piece he's ever built, and he included a few interesting details, like the shape of these stool sides.

And through mortise and tenon joinery.

This stool was made of African Mahogany, Poplar and a small stick of Maple for the stretcher underneath. A nice manageable project for a beginner, with excellent results. Nice job, Josh!


Rob said...

if only i knew glass blowing, then i'd make this:

Wood It Is! said...

Years ago, I had an actual hourglass. It was about 10" tall, and was pretty damn accurate, within a minute or two.

I'm guessing that timer on the chair shown is pretty close to that - no wonder that kid has that look on his face!

Rob said...

i read on one of the blogs that they supply bags of sand "per the minute" for that "hour" glass. The idea being that a 3 year old gets a 3-minute time out, just like a 5 year old gets a 5-minute time out. Clearly the opening in the middle being bigger.

as for legitimate hour glasses, I have one much like you describe that is just 30 seconds off, regularly! I'll have to dig it up sicne i know it's still in one of the moving boxes...