Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Krenov-Style Wooden Planes

John Eugster was a guest instructor for a short session at my school, where he taught a class in Making a Wooden HandPlane. John had made a Krenov inspired plane for his own shop a while back, and really enjoyed it.

In fact, he presented it to a Sin City Woodworkers meeting a couple of months ago, you can read about that here. His plane was gorgeous, and received good publicity on some woodworking blogs. His obvious love for hand tool work was exhibited in this class, as he shared the finer points of plane making, adjustments, and sharpening.

Lupe's plane had an extremely comfortable shape, making it very pleasant to use. Her white oak and purpleheart composition was gorgeous!

Everyone in the class had ordered plane blades from Ron Hock, out of San Diego. If you're unfamiliar with his products, you should definitely check out his website.

Jay decided to go with a bit more heft and made a beefy scrub plane. He still had a bit more shaping and sanding to do, but you can tell from this photo that this plane is going to be a real workhorse in his tool arsenal!

Bobbie's Lacewood plane with a Maple sole was sculpted into a gorgeous profile.

I can't believe what I made!

Larry couldn't resist throwing a board in a vise and giving his plane a try, even though it still needed a little work with sanding and finishing.

As they say - the proof is in the shavings!

Nice work, everyone!

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Vegas Lupe said...

Thank you for hosting this class, Jamie. It is good to be exposed to another teacher's approach to woodworking. However, this course should have been called: "Introduction to Amish techniques: Planes 101", as John's enthusiasm for hand tools only was quite evident. At first, it was frustrating for a couple of us, but eventually we learned to go with the flow as can be seen from Bobbie's beautiful smile. I was so happy she finished her project and I am sure she will have good memories about the experience.