Monday, March 12, 2012

Another group of grads...

You've already seen the time-out stool that was built in my last Intermediate Woodworking class, but there were some pretty nice projects completed by everyone else, as well.

We worked on Box Joints for a full evening, setting up a small saw with a dado blade, so that everyone had the chance to complete a small box.

And while most stuck with the 3/8" fingers, one woman attempted making a box using the width of the blade as her slot. That is a hell of a lot of cutting!

It turned out so perfect, I had her autograph it. Now it's hanging in the shop, on permanent display.

This last class of Basic Woodworking students really stepped up their game; I have to say they might have been one of the most creative groups I've had in the shop in a long time. Some of it came out of necessity; as in the box shown below. The corners on this box were doctored up a bit, due to an unfortunate sanding incident.

This is one of the coolest breadknives ever made.

Apparently I missed the memo on posing like a thug.

The funny thing is - although they were rocking the thug-thing, these two were both incredibly creative, sweet and pretty damn good with wood.

And - anytime a class ends with german chocolate cupcakes - well, how can you complain about anything?

This was a terrific six week session, thanks to everyone who contributed to making it so great!

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Joe White said...

Jamie, I have to say your class was a joy to take. We had a really great group of folks and I looked forward to coming to class each Thursday. Thank you so much for making it a fun time, and for all the information you imparted on to us. I look forward to starting the cabinet making class next month.