Thursday, March 08, 2012

High Speed Construction

What an amazing video - a 30 story building completed in 15 days. Around the 1:10 mark, there are some cool interior shots. And at the 1:45 mark, you'll see an amazing test for earthquake stability.

Not sure why the video repeats itself so much, but considering some of the construction issues China has experienced, maybe they just wanted to prove the building is stable.


Joe White said...

It's amazing what can be accomplished when all the red tape is removed. That is the problem we have in this country. It takes an act of congress to get anything done, labor and safety laws hinder us at every corner, and now that we import just about everything, we get delayed by material/supplies.
While the feat was impressive, the Chinese have none of the red tape that we have here, and do very little in the way of innovation. They let others innovate and then they just steal/copy with disregard to patents or copyrights.

Vegas Lupe said...

Amen to what Joe White commented.

There is still innovation in the western world because we still foment and value the importance of individualism. As long as people are allowed to be free, they will figure ways to create new things.

However, it breaks my heart to see the slow decline of our society. Government has gotten so much in the way that it is slowly hindering the can do spirit we had in the past.