Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Someone's got the woodworking bug...

My buddy, Ned, who was enrolled in the Bookcase class, brought in an article that he'd read in the Wall Street Journal. It was about a beetle infestation in trees in Colorado, which had turned the wood an interesting shade of blue. 

A resourceful woodworker decided to us the tinting in a line of furniture - and started The Azure Furniture Company.

Here's an interesting video of what he's doing.

 Speaking of Ned, last night he completed a piece in the Bookcase class. He has turned into quite a talented technician in wood; his attention to detail is amazing. Here is a  piece he completed. 

Another view.

He likes to stretch himself, and learn new things, and adding some inlaid tile details really make the top interesting. 

This piece was based on a table that I took a picture of at the Grove Park Inn, in Asheville, North Carolina. I'd shot a picture of it a year ago, and when we were discussing what he wanted to build I pulled this picture up on my iPhone. 

What a terrific piece of furniture he built, not just aesthetically speaking. He really raised his game, as far as technique and grain matching go. He could have been content to make a top using the wood as he purchased it, but instead, chose to laminate a butcherblock top - with side grain, resulting in a thicker, more substantial table top. A really nice touch to this piece. 

Ned even made some of those wooden snowflakes that I blogged about last week. How cool, he just whipped these up one night in his shop. 

Nice work, Ned! 

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Vegas Lupe said...

Ned rules!!! Photos can't convey what this piece actually looks and feels like in person. It is a gorgeous table. I am officially claiming the title of President of Ned's fan club. :-)