Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dining Chair Repair

Let's be honest - most woodworkers don't enjoy doing repairs. I don't even like repairing something I've built, let alone working on someone else's stuff.

But I seem to have a soft spot for people who bring me broken down dining chairs. (I suppose a therapist could explain that to me!) This is the second chair in this set that I've repaired - and by far, it was in the worst shape. Every single joint on the chair was broken - but what's worse - 

someone stepped on the seat and broke the particle board under the padding. D'oh!

After pulling the seat off, I had to take the chair entirely apart, clean each dowel and hole, and then re-glue it back together. This usually takes a ton of clamps and a lot of patience. And tequila, if things don't go well. 

It's not hard work, but you do have to be careful, so that you don't do more damage. 

After the chair was re-assembled and the stain touched up, I turned my attention to the seat. What a mess. 

Worse than that - the cushion was upholstered with hundreds of staples. 

I am not exaggerating, it took me a half hour to dig them out. My buddy Tom helped, he had way more patience for it than I did.

When we got the material safely removed, we still had to take off the layer of padding, to get to the damaged part. Again - a bazillion staples. 

That's the way it is with most repairs - it's more irritating than difficult. Once all the staples were out, I cut a new bottom (out of MUCH stronger plywood, this time) and started re-uphostering the chair. 

First the padding,

then the fabric. Tom's actually an upholstery whiz, so he took over.

Nice to have skilled friends!

And here's the chair, all back together and looking much better than before. 

Thanks, Tom! Glad to have the help, and the company!

Speaking of chair repair - here's a nifty method for leveling out an uneven stool or chair. This is a really great tip!

(Thanks for the link, Jackie!)


Anonymous said...

I guess I though my teenagers were the only ones who put their foot through a dining room chair seat! I will be looking for upholstery tips, then get started. Thank you for this post!

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