Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's get organized...

There's not too much going on in the shop right now. I'm working on a few small commissions (two Air Force projects) and a couple of furniture repairs. As much as I don't enjoy repairing broken pieces, I do have to say I've gotten pretty damn good at it. 

My buddy Richard sent a picture of a cabinet he added to his shop - jeez, how do people stay so organized?  Look at his clamps!

Richard signed up for a cabinet class I offered last April, we all made small cabinets, mostly to learn the techniques for corner joints, and making drawers and doors. He added some wheels to his and turned it into a combination clamp cart and planing station. 

 I asked him if the planer make the whole thing a bit top heavy, but he said the clamps added quite a bit of ballast to the bottom, so it seems to work fine. By the way, the interior holds 6", 8", 12" and 18" clamps - with up to 13 on each row. The rack on the outside holds 15 - 24" clamps.

It's always nice when you can make your workshop more efficient - there are tons of plans and ideas out there for helping with that. But - the hard part is to adapt those plans to what fits in your workshop. I think Richard did a great job of turning this cabinet project into something both useful and attractive. I've never been to his shop, but I suspect it's pretty orderly and clean... like mine!  (Not!)

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Vegas Lupe said...

Man! How does he do that? He is amazingly squeaky clean!!! Look at the floor, how organized the clamps are and the planer. This guy puts me to shame. If he is married, I bet the wife is happy. He should come to our shop to organize it. Today I generated so much sawdust, probably will have to get a hazmat team just to clean this place up.