Monday, November 12, 2012

Bathroom vanities

This is the time of the year when the phone starts ringing off the hook - and everyone wants to know if their project can be completed by Christmas. Yes, it gets a little crazy, and for the most part, I usually manage to pull it off. 

Someone called the other day with a really interesting project - he is a concrete countertop maker here, and is making a bathroom vanity top. So he needs a vanity cabinet built for underneath his top. 

Although this isn't the exact countertop he's making, look at this image he sent to me - wow!  This sink is awesome - but I wonder if it would get old, after using it for awhile.

It seems like floating vanities are the rage right now, so I have to do a bit of research about building one. The one he wants won't have any base or toe kick, but instead, will hang off the wall like the one shown below. 

In my research over the weekend, I came across this vanity - damn, some people are SO creative! I love this one for a guest bathroom. What a terrific idea!

I'll be "one with sketchbook" all morning, trying to come up with some ideas!

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Frances said...

One of those jetted bathtubs would surely be a great addition for these wonderful accessories.