Thursday, October 07, 2010

More random studio thoughts and shots...

Don't have much to say, things are hectic here and words aren't coming easy. So I thought I'd let my camera do most of the blogging today. Here are some random things around the shop.

That clock I started a couple of weeks ago went from this...

to this

to this.

My friend Maria's buxom chicken lady. Love her boots.

Two very old (body-builder) inlays that are still hanging around.

These pitchers still aren't bisqued!

I still have the page of the calendar from the day my aunt died. Is that odd?

No, this isn't as bizarre as it looks.

It's an old towel rack - I stupidly broke one side of this, and I couldn't bear to throw the other side away. Some day I will be at a flea market and find another half to this.

How NOT to glaze small tile. All of these leaves are overglazed and stuck to the shelf. That's what I get for listening to Linken Park while I'm glazing.

Perfect temperature, though.

Better job on these pieces.

Everyone needs a bottle of Zoloft hand soap in their shop, right?

Which brings me to my final thought - do other people have hands that are as messed up as mine are?

Mine look like they took a dip in the garbage disposal while it was running. They're cut and bruised and I think I have a broken bone, as well.

Off to work...


Adrienne said...

Get into another bar room brawl??? ;-)


Erin said...

That blue piece in the picture by the cone, you put that glaze that appears whiteish, like it's a bit more liquid and has a tendency to run more and pool...what is that glaze, and how are you applying it? i ask because i actually don't like that color or effect, so naturally now, i need to understand everything about it. thanks j, keep up the great work, and busy is good!!!!