Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Memorial shadow box

Did this ever happen to you - you get home at the end of your workday and you look back on everything that happened during the course of your day? A little reflection is all I'm talking about, not obsessing about the whole day.

Yesterday was busy for me - between going to a few homes to give some estimates on work, and running all over town to pick up materials, by the time I actually arrived at my woodshop to start working, I was pooped.

But one of the pieces I just finished was this memorial shadow box, for a young airman who died unexpectedly.

His fellow airmen decided to have this case built, with some memorabilia placed inside it, in his honor. He was 21.

So when I arrived home last night, Stella and I walked outside, where I noticed one of the last limes hanging from the little tree in the backyard. It probably should have been picked a few weeks ago, it was a little past it's prime.

When we came back in, I poured Troy and myself a shot.

Not sure if he was a tequila guy or not, but he was last night. Cheers Troy, RIP.

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