Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Furniture critic

The last time I bought furniture, it was 1997. Seriously.

And the only reason I bought them (a couch and an oversized chair) was because they were upholstered, and I don't generally build upholstered pieces.

Before that, the last time I bought anything was 1989, when I splurged on some Thomas Moser barstools.

I have two of them, and they actually look better today than when they first arrived. The patina that has developed is amazing, and they've actually appreciated in value. Sweet.

So today is an exciting day, as I just splurged a bit and added a new piece to my home.

If you have a bad back, and you lift heavy things all day, you will appreciate the fact that this chair has three 15-minute full-body massage programs. I might not leave the house this week.

Ask any furniture maker about their furniture and they will probably tell you that they've built almost every piece that they have in their home. Sure, sometimes some family heirlooms sneak in, but generally, all my woodworking buddies have gone the route of "I don't want anyone else's stuff in my home!" (Except for maybe this massage chair.)

I'll let you know if it's worth it. Hey - maybe that's a new career - furniture critic. I know it would be a lot easier on my back!


Leelee said...

I bought an IJoy chair and loved it. There was this spot however, behind my right shoulder blade, the site of a long standing injury. The chair was just not quite stern enough to get it, so I would grab the arms and push into the massage mechanism. I snapped the main rod in the motor. Oops. Now my IJoy chair is a laundry basket.

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