Wednesday, May 06, 2015

To all the tool connoisseurs out there...

(This blog post is dedicated to all tool connoisseurs - after reading it, you'll know what I mean.)

If you're a tool lover and you get a package like this in the mail, you knows good things are in store for you. 

My buddy Bob, from Delta tools, sent some parts for drill press, after I called to ask if he could help with a drill press conundrum. 

My old JET drill press has the lamest depth stop adjustment ever, and I'm constantly frustarted with it. I recently saw a Delta drill press at Lowes that had a much easier system engineered into it. So I called Bob and asked him if he would send me some parts so that Dennt and I could play with them, to see if they would work on the Jet drill press. 

Bam! A few days later, the box of parts arrived. 

If you're not familiar with it– the old system uses two nuts, on a threaded rod, to control how far you can drill into a piece of wood. It's slow and inefficient, and no one ever bothers using it.

It makes me insane every time I need to control the depth of the holes I drill. Honestly, who came up with this ridiculousness? 

 Delta, on the other hand, has a quick release mechanism, that quickly adjusts and make drilling effortless. The engineers at Delta should get a raise for this!

Denny and I had to take a few parts off the drill press, to see if the Delta parts with integrate the Jet parts. Unfortunately, they didn't. But that's okay, we were still determined to make this work. 

This is the little beast that I love.

Did I say love? 

I mean– LOVE. 

I have two!

It's a good thing Denny was a mechanic in the army, he reengineered these MFers', and made everything work harmoniously. 

In the end - all we really needed from Delta was their threaded rod and their stop. And here it is – the quick release depth stop gauge that should've been installed on this drillpress when it was manufactured. 

(Jet tool engineers– get a clue!)  

Seriously, this is the coolest tool upgrade ever. 

You can adjust it in an instant. 

 I want to thank my buddy Bob at Delta for sending the parts, and Denny for figuring out how to make it work. 

Thanks to these two, this drill press rocks!

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