Monday, May 18, 2015

It's not too often something really innovative comes along

It's not too often that something new and completely revolutionary slips into the woodworking world - let alone something that is really helpful to the average woodworker. 

Sure, there are lots of inventions and gadgets out there, but after they're tested over time, they tend to be a bust. In my head, biscuit jointers are a perfect example of this. When they first came out, everyone had to have one. Now most of them sit on a shelf. I know; I have these two that sit on a shelf!

If I had to name some of the better inventions in the last twenty years or so, I'd have to include the Festool Domino, and maybe the Kreg jig.  

So the question is - does this drawer dado blade works as promised?  I see two potential problems that could occur. 

One involves chipout, because whenever you're working with plywood, you have the potential for massive chipping, especially if that blade gets dull. 

Next - when you're cutting your drawer material, the height of this blade is critical - too high and you end up separating the parts of the drawer. Too low and your joint doesn't fold together. So if your saw doesn't have a solid height adjustment on it, you might screw up a lot of plywood, trying to get it dialed in correctly. 

But damn - this is really innovative and clever...I  hope a blade company contacts this fellow soon!


John Frame said...

I saw this video last week. looked pretty cool. he says the prototype blade is off I think a 32nd, so the joint does not quite close. so I wonder, the 1st time you have your blade sharpened is it going to be off. I did not even think about the plywood chip out. Still, pretty cool concept. I would like to see the bugs worked out.

James William said...

That's a great new concept. Thanks for sharing this video, I enjoyed watching it. Hope this concept will get some attention from blade companies. This will surely be a hit in the woodworking community.