Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Check out this cool dovetail joint!

It's springtime here and we've been fine-tuning the shop, buying some new equipment and rearranging a few things.  The Laguna bandsaw needed some upgraded roller guides,

 since the stock ceramic guides were worn, and frankly.... Laguna guides suck. 

WTF, Laguna?

Now that Denny and I added some Carter bandsaw guides to the saw, 

I think we need to attempt this joint! 

The Carter guides are awesome, BTW!

We also invested in a new router table, after having looked at dozens of them.We made a list of everything we wanted in a router table, and this unit had 90% of what that list had on it.

 The only thing that is missing is a cabinet below, for storing extra bits, wrenches and router plates. I would have really liked that in this unit, but it simply wasn't available. 

MLCS makes a vast array of router products - from tables to bits to jigs, and MUCH more,   but I have to say - their assembly instructions for this table nearly bought us to our knees. They might rank as the worst ever. 


And their customer service - damn... it'll be a while before I consider buying something from them again. If I had to score it - 

Products: 9.5
Manuals and support: -2
Customer service: 0

Again... WTF?

Still - the table is great, and is going to give us years of great service. 

Lest it sound like I'm always bitching about customer service, here is come good news  - I can always count on Bob, my contact at the Delta factory in South Carolina. He came through in a HUGE way this past week, and we added an amazing feature to our drill press. Here's a hint:

Stay tuned!

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Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

That dovetail joint us the coolest thing I've seen in a LONG time!