Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finally - I'm headed back to some woodworking....

My buddy, Big John, shared this video with me - it sort of freaks me out to see this!

On another note - I'm finally wrapping up one of the busiest teaching sessions I've ever had. The students were creative and talented, and many of them have signed up for upcoming classes, hoping to up their woodworking game. Sweet!

I'm going to get back to building again - I've taken about two months off, so that I could concentrate on teaching. I have about five different pieces that I'm working on - in my head. I've started a few, and hopefully - I'll be sharing some of those with you soon. 

Also, a doweling jig manufacturer sent me a jig of theirs to test, so I'm trying to adapt one of my upcoming projects to use their jig. My first impressions are that it is extremely well made, and ... well... it looks complicated. 

Let's hope I'm right about the first part, and wrong about the last!  Stay tuned, I think it's going to be an interesting Spring in the woodshop!

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