Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Adirondack chairs on steroids

One of the most favorite classes I teach is – Making an Adirondack Chair. If you're not from the East Coast, but you may not know what it Adirondack chair is... damn, you're missing out!

These are amazingly comfortable outdoor chairs, usually painted and sitting on the deck or near an ocean. I've taught this class dozens of times, and my students have made some amazing creations. They've made double ones, painted ones, thrones, ones donated the charity, his and hers models, and even indoor Adirondack chairs which have been placed in their living rooms or dens.

These are so comfortable that you barely want to get up out of them. 

I have an Adirondack chair class coming up, and I thought I'd post a few ideas of some amazing chairs that other people have built. I don't know who these people are,  but I think they're amazing artists! 

You can even make a "chair" for your four-legged friends!

I hope these pictures inspire some of my students to make some cool chairs this coming March.  I can't wait!

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Vegas Lupe said...

You are sneaky... Okay... I gave in... I just registered for the darn class. It will be more fun the second time around. :D