Thursday, January 09, 2014

Interesting map of the US....

With apologies to all of my friends back east, it was such a nice day here today that I worked in the garden. I had every intention of posting something wood related today, but instead I found myself trimming yuccas, 


 and cutting back mint. 

So.... no wood posts today. 

But I did want to share something interesting - A website named Pleated Jeans posted this map of the United States which lists what each state is the "worst" at. My first thought for Nevada was schools. Our schools are terrible here, but apparently crime is even worse than that. 

What's your state the worst at?

Some interesting things to note....  it's a given that California might be worst at air pollution, and Hawaii has the worst cost-of-living. 

But who knew that porn usage was bad in Utah? 

That gave me a good laugh!

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Rob said...

as someone who lives in Washington, i'm pleased to say i'm NOWHERE near our biggest problem.
Not sure how Maine got to be the dumbest, i've been there, and i've been to states in the south... i'll stop there

Utah: how interesting... then again, i'm not really all that shocked.

and lastly...
Colorado... really? cocaine? the mountains of white snow must be having side effects...