Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where do boxes come from?

This is a terrific video, forwarded to me by no less that four of my woodworking buddies here in town. The woodworking community here is growing every single week - at our last Sin City Woodworkers meeting, we had close to forty people in attendance! 

One of the best parts of that is the diversity of the group - we have carvers and furniture makers, toy makers and turners. Have a question about dovetails or dust collectors? No problem, someone is there to answer it for you.

Though this video is on the long side, I think it will keep you captivated. 

By the way, have you heard of this  Kickstarter campaign for a fellow making wooden pinhole cameras? 

Yes, the woodworking community here in Las Vegas is growing and evolving, but I love how the Internet allows us to become one larger global community. 

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