Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thanks Ed!

In terms of some of the things I run into in the shop, this isn't really that big of a problem. But I'm starting to be overrun by blades in the shop. 

I'm a big fan of Forrest blades, so I have several of them - there are always a few sharp ones in reserve, in case one gets damaged. But - it seems like I always end up with a ton of blades. 

 This blade holder was full,  

and so was this one.

Rip blades, combo blades, plywood blades, melamine blades, you name it, I probably have one. Or two. Or six. 

I wanted to drop off some blades to the sharpener, and I usually put them on a blade holder, but every one of them was full. Time to make one!

I grabbed a piece of plywood and set up the plunge router, to rout a handle slot. This 1-2-3 block helped me set the edge guide very quickly.  

I cut the slot in three passes, each one deeper than the one before. 


This was one of those 15 minute projects, but I still wanted to make it nice. So I placed the blade on the plywood and marked the area where the center hole would be drilled. 

I double-checked the depth with the washer and bolt. 

I wanted to round the corners and shape the plywood a bit, so I grabbed a compass. 

Whenever I grab a compass in my shop - or anyone grabs one - I think of my buddy Ed Tognetti. Years ago, I taught a Roll-Top Desk class; it ran 12 weeks and everyone completed a full sized tamboured desk. In the course of that class, we needed compasses for designing the upper part of the desk. At the next session, Ed showed up with a compass for everyone in the class. 

He passed away shortly after that, and I swear - every time I look at a compass in my shop, I think of him and miss him. 

I rounded the corners a bit, 

and then started loading the blades on to the holder. I put a sheet of cardboard between each blade, to protect the teeth.

The last thing I added was a piece of plywood with my card attached to it. 

If anyone needs a specialty blade - I've got one for you! Seriously, I am trying to find a home for some of these - free of charge. I don't use most of these, but I can't bear to throw them out. (No, I'm not giving away my Forrest blades, but I've got a lot of other brands.)

Before hanging it in the shop, I left a little note on the back of the holder.

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