Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Carving Class is winding down...

The WoodCarving class taught by Dennis Patchett ended this week - it was so much fun that we added one extra class to the schedule. Here's one of his linenfold panels, he probably whipped this up in an afternoon!

There was definitely a nice vibe in the shop, with everyone in their own zone. 

Look what John made!

One of the nicest things about this class is that Dennis brought a tool chest full of his amazing chisels -  so everyone had a chance to use tools that they might only see in specialty catalogs.

And by the end of class, everyone thoroughly understood how to use this buffing wheel. 

Mike was by far the most productive carver, coming up with all of these designs during the class. 

M is for.... ? 

He's an amazing carver.

Here are some random shots of everyone working.

They make it look easy, right? Well - truth is - it's incredibly hard to do, as you really have to develop an "eye" to see what to leave and what to cut away. The good news is - by the end of this class, their eyes were getting much more developed. 

Even though this video is in Italian, you'll get the idea of what's involved in carving something like the panel shown below. 

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Vegas Lupe said...

Carving class definitely rocked! Although I don't consider myself a carver, carving is growing on me. :)

I am looking at a woodworking store right now... I might get a few extra chisels to put in the repertoire.