Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mike Jarvi's Bentwood Table

One of my students, Chris T, stopped by the shop last Saturday, to work on a small table he's been designing. He's a bright young man, with an even brighter design future ahead of him. He came up with this joint that I wrote about, a few weeks ago. 

As we were talking throughout the day, he brought up a video that he'd recently seen on YouTube. I'm glad I wrote down the name of the woodworker he mentioned - you gotta see this!

Mike Jarvi designed this table, made of a single board. He slices it in a few strategic places, steams and bends it, and then clamps it into shape.

Call me a wood nerd, but even though this video is a quarter of an hour long, I sat and watched it - spellbound by its images. This - to me - is what woodworking is all about - finding your niche, and perfecting it. 

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