Monday, February 20, 2012


There is an interesting conversation going on in the comments section (below) about the post I just did on the Colbert Report's mention of the SawStop. That's one of my missions with this blog - to introduce new products, share some techniques, and open dialogue among woodworkers.

Some people have voiced their feelings about SawStop's tablesaws being too expensive. I agree; they are not cheap. But - ask anyone who has ever had a tablesaw injury and they will probably say they wished they had been using a SawStop when they were hurt.

This video below illustrates some of the dangers that can happen. Trust me, I lose sleep thinking about things like this. With 30+ people a week using my SawStop, it's one of the best investments I've ever made.

On a related note, while I don't condone what this guy does in the video (for the sake of "sharing" his tablesaw knowledge) - I have to admire his testicular fortitude. (Meaning - that dude has balls!)


Jay Amundson said...

THAT makes my skin crawl!!

Wood It Is! said...

Jay - don't make me faint! We actually agree on something!!! LOL

Joe White said...

Wow! I've had a pretty bad kickback once, and it was a real eye opener. I never use my saw without my blade guard on any more. I just wish my splitter was separate from the blade guard so that I had the option of using it with out the guard, but with the safety of the splitter still in place.

Vegas Lupe said...

Yup, I am glad the dude still has his balls intact. Imagine if that block of wood would have hit him in that area...You would probably be witnessing the fastest sex change surgery ever!

Anonymous said...

I read the comments on the prior post yesterday, Jamie, was thinking that you were now the girl kicking the hornets nest! What an incredibly great and stupid video. Seems like the sort of thing kids should see before taking wood shop in high school, as long as they don't try to replicate it. Do they still even offer wood shop in high school? Perhaps I just dated myself... Thanks for the share!