Sunday, February 26, 2012

Box Joints on a tablesaw

Where has the time gone? Classes are winding down, and just about the time you start getting to know everyone, the six week session ends and it all starts over again.

My Intermediate WW classes are coming to an end, and one of the last techniques they learn is cutting box joints. They are definitely a little tricky to set up on the saw, and a lot of test pieces are needed to get the fit just right.

This one is just a touch off,

and these are way off. Good thing Pine is relatively cheap!

Once you've watched someone cut the pieces a couple times, you "get" it, and it's a breeze to do.

The real reward is when you sand the box, after the glue has dried.

While this isn't my favorite drawer box joint, it sure has the WOW factor that some people crave.

Installing the bottom panel is a little tricky, but easily done with a slotting bit.

This class is truly more about learning and practicing various techniques, rather than making projects. We make more sawdust and scrap than finished projects!

Seriously, this might sound corny, but it's terribly rewarding to watch someone learn these techniques and put them to good use. You can just see the light go off in their head, and they usually start thinking about their next project, and how they will use their new skills in building it. There are always past students stopping into the shop, to show me their latest creation, and I'm blown away by some of their work. Sweet.

For anyone that wants to learn this joint, I highly recommend using Tage Frid's book on joinery. His book contains step by step instructions, accompanied with great pictures to help you set this up on your tablesaw. It's like having a woodworking tutor right in your woodshop!

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