Friday, November 25, 2011

you know you're a woodworker when...

Even though Fall officially ended a while ago, it is just starting to feel like it here. The leaves finally fell from the trees, covering the deck.

The garden was still raging, but with cooler temps coming, I decided it was time to pull everything out. I didn't want to do this when it's 45˚ and rainy outside, so better now than later.

I cut the artichoke plants down a month ago, covering them with mulch. We've had such nice weather that they've spurted right back out the top of the mulch.

Peppers are easy - just rinse them,

clean them and pop them right in the freezer.

Of course, it helps if you have a garden assistant.

Eggplant has become one of my favorite vegetables - they grow like weeds.

And there's nothing like grilled eggplant to make you feel like you're eating healthy.

After the garden was relieved of it's duty, it was time to move on to a more pressing chore - assembling the new saw. Yes, I bought another SawStop.

SawStop makes three different versions of their saw; this is the Mama (medium sized) version. After assembling two of them already, I thought that things would go more smoothly this time around.

But after snapping a bolt in half while assembling the mobile base, I knew things weren't going to go so well.

In fact - you know you're a woodworker when you have SawStop's tech support number on speed-dial.

It's a good thing there are lots of other things I can work on until that bolt arrives!

I have a few commissions to complete before Christmas arrives, so you'll know where to find me!

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