Thursday, November 17, 2011

World's Worst Ruler

... no, I'm not talking about Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il, or Mugabe.

I'm referring to rulers as in - what we use to measure things.
Most of the time, I use a wooden rule for measuring things in my shop.

But every now and then, I'll pick up a steel rule like the ones shown below. They're perfect for measuring and marking smaller pieces of wood.

Not too long ago, I bought this one at an art supply store. It looked perfect, and since I already have a 24" rule in the shop, I wanted to add a smaller (12") one.

The only problem? This rule has an 1/8" space on the end, unlike the other rule where the scale begins right at the edge of the metal. (Did that make any sense?)

Every time I use this rule and put it's end flush with the piece of wood I am measuring, I am off by 1/8".

Who the hell would make a steel rule like this?

Oh wait - here is who made it! Nice job, folks!

I may have to take this to my belt sander and sand that extra bit off the end. What's the worst that can happen- I render it useless? It already is!

Speaking of rulers, I bought this one when I was gallery hopping in Asheville. I don't plan on using it, but it sure looks nice sitting on my desk.


Vegas Lupe said...

It is enlightening to realize that the things that bother us the most are the little pet peeves in life. 1/8 inch! Go figure! Nothing that a belt sander won't fix.

Thank you for making me smile. :-D

Rob said...

Westcott does make a "shop ruler"
the version you bought is the "desktop ruler"

desktop ruler assumes it's for drawing purposes, hence the rounded corner and the 1/8" offset, allowing for the pencil to get to the "0" mark without going over the edge like if it was a "zero clearance" ruler. Desktop version also has rounded edge, to avoid the edge snagging the sheet of paper.

"shop" version is a "zero clearance" ruler like the one you seek/desire. It has clean cut edges to allow it to be placed in a corner and almost act like a 90 degree square, also allowing the take of a dimension right from the edge of it.

Westcott (and others) have offered both version for a long time.

I only know about this from architecture school, they used to sell kits with both. One was used for drawings, the other used in the model making classes/lab.

Wood It Is! said...

Thanks for the explanation, Rob, I appreciate it! Now if I can only get them to exchange it for me.....

Rob said...

if you happen to be near them, Blick Art Supply near meadows mall probably has the "shop" version. They might be one to try and do an exchange.

And then hit up Cardena's across the street for some AWESOME mexican food!

*sigh* I miss Vegas.