Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dog with Blanket

We're heading into our first cool spell of the season, and all signs point to this being the last decent week for working in the garden - at least in my opinion! I don't much like digging in dirt when it's chilly outside.

Parts of the garden weren't as successful as in past summers - but the basil was gorgeous. I'm going to be on a pesto-making binge in a week or two. Someone told me I can freeze it in ice-cube trays, for individual portions - genius!

The peppers didn't grow as well as they have in the past, but they sure did add some color to the garden.

And the zucchini is still popping up everywhere.

There is going to be an eggplant surplus situation pretty soon - there are way too many that will be ripe at the same time, so some of my friends will be receiving purple gifts on their front porch.

This video seems particularly appropriate, considering the weather changes.

Even Stella is bundling up; she wanted to wear her sweatshirt today.

Hope you're enjoying Autumn as much as we are!

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