Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer storms - who loves them?

You know one of the things I really miss about living back east? (Besides the people, I mean...)

A nice, lazy rainy day. You just can't beat a good thunderstorm, one that rolls in slowly, and sticks around a while.

It's monsoon season here in Vegas, and storms pop up without much notice. Unfortunately, they disappear just as quickly. Today, when I was working in the woodshop, I caught that faint whiff of rain in the air.

You know that smell, right?

I threw down the sander and grabbed my camera. The storm was just blowing in, with the sky changing color in seconds.

Just a few minutes later, the sky opened up and all hell broke loose.

Yes, the shop flooded a little bit, and the roof was leaking in a couple of places. Still - totally worth it!

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HowlWoodworks said...

Same here in Trinidad, CO. The monsoon storms don't last long but they are so great when we get one! Short ones 2 days in a row now after months of nothing at all. That smell is probably the best smell in the world.
Only bad part is fires started by lightening, always a concern here. - Karen