Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My informal zucchini test

To hell with Naked Gardening Day, the real time to strip off your clothes is when you're standing over a hot grill. Today marks the start of some really hot weather here, and of course, there were zucchini issues in my yard. They were crying out to be grilled, and the thought of standing over a 700˚ cook top wasn't enticing.

But great food IS enticing!

Slice 'em, drizzle with olive oil and salt, and slap them on the heat.

Here is a highly-scientific experiment; I put a tape measure by two zucchini one morning, and luckily, I remembered to check them 24 hours later.

This one started out as this (about 6 3/4")

and the next day, measured about 8 1/2" - wow - who knew?

The second one started out at about 5 1/2"

and wound up like this.

8 1/4".

Crazy! I suspected they were growing quickly, but I was very surprised at these results.

I've been roasting them in the oven

and sprinkling them with a little feta.

Or making quiche

after quiche,

after quiche.

But I have to say - I think grilling is the best.

It brings out that husky, charred (carcinogenic?) flavor.

When added to a cold pasta salad, it's ... well, a slice of heaven.

Hope your garden is treating you well!


Adrienne said...

Do you have any good recipes for Zucchini blossoms?? That should do the trick for those Wayward Zucchini Plants That Have Taken Over the World... Sheesh, Girlfriend!! You have enough quiche to feed the neighborhood!! ;-)

John said...

Nice, awfully hard to grow veggies or much of anything here. I have a killer recipe for a veggie lasagna that uses zucchini for the pasta -- I think it's one of the reasons Diane married me!

Stix said...

Those grilled zucchini look YUMMO!