Monday, July 19, 2010

Wine rack research

Someone contacted me over the weekend about a wine rack that would hold bottles as well as glasses, so I had to do a little bit of research online regarding wine glass sizes. One of the things I found was simply bizarre.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a really ridiculous product?

Here are some hilarious "reviews" from people who have purchased one of these glasses.

This review is from: Giant Wine Glass - Holds a Whole Bottle of Wine! (Kitchen)
I LOVE this whole bottle wine glass! I like wine. A lot. So when I'm driving, I find it very distracting to have to text my friend "hld on 1 min", put down my cell phone, then try and pour another glass without spilling.

With the whole bottle wine glass, I can minimize spills and keep texting since I only need to refill my glass at every 3rd stop light. I do wish it came with a snap on lid and a straw though.


This review is from: Are you kidding?

Why not just drink out of the bottle? :P If you want it aerated, just pour it in a bowl, and use a funnel to pour it back!

And finally...(my favorite)...

This review is from: Giant Wine Glass - Holds a Whole Bottle of Wine! (Kitchen)
I am the third trimester of my pregnancy and I have put myself on bed rest. Any little convenience that helps with repetitive movement is a blessing, as staying in a relaxed state is critical to the well being of both mommy and baby.

So having a large glass that negates the need for repetitive pouring of a wine bottle is one of those tiny little aids that helps add up to a state of relaxation. The only thing that could have improved this would have been the inclusion of a very long straw.


nomzam said...

It's almost a 500ml glass which is really huge amount. But it's not compulsary to have a full wine glass at the same time.

buy wine rack said...

Hahaha! those reviews are very funny. I mean look at the reasons and necessities that forced people to buy that wine glass. Hilarious!!

Athalia said...

Those reviews of wine glasses are so hilarious. Nice share :)