Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday is for...


I try to make Sundays fun, since they're my least favorite day of the week. Everything closes early, you can't get an appointment with anyone that you might need to see, like a dentist or a doc, and well... they just remind me of all the years I spent going to church. No offense to people of faith, but my Sundays aren't about that at all.

So I usually try to do something a little out of the ordinary, like drink mimosas all day, or make something decadently special, like Captain Crunch pancakes. Whatever. Like I said - decadence.

Work-a-holics like me don't indulge that often.

This morning, I decided to whip up a batch of doughnuts. Like - the best doughnuts you'll ever taste. Forget about
Krispy Kreme, or Oram's or Randy's - mine are better.

When my friend Adrienne and I visited Sur La Table in May, I picked up a set of doughnut pans, perfect for making mini and regular sized doughnuts. The recipe they include with the pans is simple, and really good. It just takes a few minutes to prep it, and all the ingredients are things you would normally have in your kitchen.

They recommend filling the pans about 2/3's full.

Dammit, I always overfill them.

The next batch, I filled them a little more sensibly.

While they're cooling, I whipped up a little chocolate ganache. Once again, ingredients that you would have in your pantry, like chocolate chips, butter, etc.

Cooling and waiting to be coated.

The mini doughnuts might look good, but the larger ones are to die for, even if I'm not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.

Here are two different versions - a powdered sugar doughnut, and a cinnamon one.

And the funny thing - I couldn't control myself, so as soon as I finished these, they started disappearing from the plate. There wasn't even enough time to get a photo of the whole plate.

If you're a doughnut freak like me, you MUST buy a set of these pans and make your own. You may never leave your home on a Sunday morning ever again.

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