Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Magic little magnets...

Way back in 2012, I made a simple knife block for some knives that I use most often. 

That block still resides in my silverware drawer, and I use it almost every day. 

 So when a customer wandered into my shop with three of the most gorgeous knives that I'd ever seen, I suggested something similar. She bought these up in Ferndale California, at The Blacksmith Shop.  

These are made by Michael Mara of Radharc Knives, and all I can say is... I want one.   Or... some.

She didn't want to hide them away; she uses them often, so we decided on a small countertop block, so that they could stay within each reach while she cooks. I had a small piece of a cutting board, and we decided on a (very small) footprint for this block.

A few angled cuts provided the slot for the blades, but the smallest knife was too light, and didn't stay in the groove properly. 

So I inlaid some rare earth magnets into the wood, on the underside of this block, to hold the blade in place. (The magnets are set under all of those plugs you see in the photo below.) 

 It was a simple solution for keeping the blades in place without damaging the metal.

I love simple, quick projects like this 

Now if I could only get up to Ferndale and find some (more) knives for my kitchen.....

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