Sunday, July 17, 2016

A little repair, and some very cool Japanese Joinery

This is a particularly cool video - I'm in awe of this skill. 

Speaking of skill, I was BSing with a friend the other day about making "the perfect piece", where there isn't a single mishap or mental mistake in a piece that you're building. I've only made a few of those in my lifetime, and to tell you the truth, I can't even remember what they are! 

So this past week, I was working on a piece for myself (which is rare!) and got distracted. That's never a good thing! I put a few Domino mortises in the wrong place. It's funny, because just as I was cutting the last one, I thought to myself - I probably should have checked to make sure I was cutting that on the right side of the wood!

The mortises on the side are in the right place, the top ones are errors! 

I could plug it with an actual Domino, but the wood is different (Beech) and the end grain would look awful.

 So I cut a few plugs out of the same wood, and shaped them a bit. 

A few taps with a hammer and they're snug.

Here they're sanded down and ready for oil - hopefully they'll blend in nicely. 

Or not. 

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