Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hat tip to Carter Products for their great customer service!


You know there is a problem when your bandsaw starts spewing out small bits of metal that look like this.

 I was cutting up a few logs for a friend 

 when I saw one of the guide bearings shredding apart. 

No Bueno. 

You can clearly see the seal on this bearing is missing, and little balls were rolling off the bandsaw table.  

The good news? These are Carter Products Bandsaw Guides, one of the best upgrades you can do for your bandsaw. A phone call and a week later and a complimentary replacement bearing was sitting on my bench.

 It was an easy repair - pull off the old one

and slip on the new one. 

Honestly, these guides aren't cheap, and I really struggled with this upgrade to the Laguna saw. But these guides make the saw cut amazingly straight and true. No drift whatsoever! I thought that was impossible, but after upgrading to their products, I'm a big fan. 

And you gotta love their customer service. 

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