Monday, March 21, 2016

Getting teed off!

You've heard me say it before - I get to work on some of the coolest projects. The past few weeks have found me working on some giant golf tees - don't ask why. Seriously, doesn't everyone need 14" tall tees?

Here's a prototype I started - I decided to make one, timing myself to see how long it would take. 

Milk paint makes everything look better! I decided on Federal Blue for the tee.  

I wanted the base to "look" like grass, and there was a green Milk Paint that suited this perfectly. 

The hairdryer makes quick work of this. 

Once the first tee was made, it was time for a little production work. 

A little blue tape on the tool rest made laying out my cuts much easier. 

Since these are going to be painted, I used a little filler to fix some of the cracks in the wood. That's what I get for using construction grade 4x4s for these!

This job is nearly complete - with one tee left to make. There's one slight problem when making cool stuff for other people - I always end up wanting one for myself, so I made an extra tee for myself!  

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