Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Private Label Project

It's true - I get some of the coolest requests  - and I love the opportunity to design one of a kind pieces. They're challenging and (sometimes) frustrating all at the same time. Maybe it's more about keeping me on my (building) toes than anything else. 

I just like the challenge. 

So when I was asked to build a box for this box,  

I knew I had to come up with something interesting. The fellow who requested it said his parents drink wine in a box, and that he'd like to make it look less ...( what's the word I want?) ... less like this parents were drinking wine from a box. He envisioned some sort of a cask or "crate" to hold the wine. 

Since I'd just finished building this small prototype for another customer, 

I showed it to him, and suggested we tweak it to work for the wine box.  Of course, we had to so some research, so he brought a box of wine for me to drink play around with. 

Taking the bladder out was easy, but working with it was like trying to work with a waterbed - hard to handle!

The bladder had a spigot on it, and I needed to figure out a way to fit the spigot through the hole. 

The easiest solution was to split the hole, and slid the front door around it. 

I love simple solutions!

Really, this was a fun way to spend an afternoon, and the best news - I got to take the box of wine home, after doing my research!

I didn't get a photo of the final piece, but I trimmed the front piece to length and added a small handle on top of it, to make it easier to pull up.  Ta da!

We left it unfinished, but discussed getting some artwork lasered onto the side of the box - the ideas are endless!

Wait - there are more....


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