Tuesday, February 03, 2015

It's Garden-Starting time!

As much as it might hurt my east coast friends to hear this - I have to admit: I have Spring Fever. We've had a couple of really warm days here, and it's sparked thoughts of getting my garden started. 

Last year, a few of us got together and started a very informal gardening club. All of us chose a few plants to start from seed, and about six weeks later - we met to exchange starter plants with each other. I'm telling you - it was awesome!

For the cost of a few packs of seeds, everyone walked away with TONS of plants for their gardens. I don't think I'll ever buy plants again. 

So - this year, I sent out an email to everyone, asking if they wanted to participate, and we even got a few new members in our group. I think this year's crop is going to be amazing!

I've been saving cardboard rolls - they make a perfect vessel for starting seeds.

 I'd chosen to start zucchini, spaghetti squash, and armenian cakes, and when I went to the store to buy the seeds, I met the seed distributor who was sticking the shelves. After she heard what we were doing, she joined our club, too!

 It was in the 70s on Sunday, so I pulled out some soil and got to work.

  Call me Jack. 

(Like Jack and the Beanstalk, which was a favorite book when I was a kid.)

 The zucchini is on its way!

 I left everything out in the glorious sunshine for a few hours, to warm up and drain a bit. 

I'll keep you posted about our progress!

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