Monday, December 15, 2014

Crazy Cat Furniture and an Etsy recommendation!

There are two kinds of people in the world - dog people and cat people. 

I won't make any social commentary about either, but I will say that I never had cats until I was in college. And the very first one I had was funny and friendly and got me hooked on them for many years. 

Of course - when I saw this article on "Incredible Cat-Friendly Furniture - I had to check it out.  Amazing pieces here!

I could totally see building a platform bed for your cat if it meant that you got your pillow to yourself each night. 

This grass table is pretty great, but you know you'd find little lies of grass vomit around the house, right? Probably on your pillow.

Love this one!

What a clever idea for a cat hammock!

Another hammock - but looking at this reminds me of my cat who would climb under the upholstered pieces and rip out the fabric from below. You know that's what's going to happen here. 

An Indiana Jones bed - how awesome!

Anything that keeps a cat from destroying the leather couch is a plus in my mind! This scratch board table is very cool!

Check out this variation of a Tansu chest - I love this!

This Cat'Burger bed reminds me of Meridith's work on Etsy.

Here's Meredith's PugTato - part Pug, part potato, complete with tin foil and dripping butter.  I seriously love artists with a sense of humor! If you do too, buy something from her Etsy shop! 

 A lovely double rocking chair! 

 What a terrific way to hide the litter box!

 Another one - although you know your cat would climb up and knock over all of the plants.

These two are my favorite pieces - simple and yet really cool designs. This is supposed to hang over a radiator, but I could see this hanging off the back of a door. My cats always liked to climb up high, so this would make a great door bed. 

 And finally - the Couch Tunnel - what a terrific design, although - once again - my cats would have used the back of that tunnel to hide something dead in - thus making the room uninhabitable for humans.

 Wait - that's the idea of all this furniture, isn't it?

I'm not a "crazy cat lady" like many of my friends are, but at one time - I had four. 
That's about three too many in my mind. 

And finally - lest you think only cats bring bizarre oddity to life - here's a terrific video of a dog with some serious feelings about ... yes, a pineapple.  Poor Stella!

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