Sunday, November 16, 2014

Here's Your 2015 Photo Challenge

Almost a year ago, I started a photo diary, initiated by a friend who mentioned it on Facebook. She framed it a little differently - it was her daily gratitude journal, depicting something each day of the year in which she was particularly grateful to have experienced. (Thanks, Louise!)

I loved the idea of that, so this past year - starting on January 1, 2014  - started my own collection of shots commemorating each day. Honestly - most of them wouldn't make much sense to anyone - maybe just an image of somewhere I visited - like this one, when I bought some shoes at REI. (I thought their tree sculptures were cool.) 

Or this - after an afternoon of playing. 

Or this one, when I discovered a family of burrowing owls on the trails where I ride. 

 The photos are random and odd and interesting, at least to me!  In fact, it's great to scroll through the photos, remembering what made each day special.

I'm not sure why I always find golf balls in the desert, but I collect them - and I have a TON!

This was a message from a dear friend, who had passed away - a double rainbow to tell me that she was thinking of me, from wherever she was in the universe. 

 So - here's your challenge - there are about six weeks left in this year. Time to think about starting your your own photo diary. 

Honestly - it's been terrific - here are some tips for taking great photos. I hope you join me in making your own journal in 2015.

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Vegas Lupe said...

100 posts on 2014... That ain't bad. Congratulations, Jamie! That is a lot of writing! I wish I were as disciplined. That is perhaps why I don't write blogs, opting for the informality of FB.

Thank you for all the tips, tidbits, and your views on life. It has been a fine ride so far.