Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is a little embarrassing, but I've had this DowelMax doweling jig for around 8 months, without trying it out. Shame on me... 

It arrived having been inspected by Customs agents,

 who kindly left me a note saying I was safe. 

Also - they left me a "joke"  - at least that's what I think this was. 

A random bored agent scribbling things on the back of official Customs paperwork... hmmm.... 

To tell you the truth - the doweling jig looked complicated. 

And frankly - since my time is pretty short these days, I wasn't looking forward to trying to learn a new tool system. 

Still - I'd promised to try it out and write about it, so it's been on my list of things to do. For 8 months. 

Somehow - every time I started building something, I'd reach for a different tool. And every time - I'd swear that I'd use it next time. 

Well, now's the time, and here's my take....with a little history, first. 

I've always been a doweler. I've used them since high school, and while it's not the first fastener I think of when building a piece of furniture, there are times when doweling works perfectly. Let's face it - one of the most respected woodworkers in the world, James Krenov, was a fan of doweling. 

Who am I to argue with that?

Stay tuned!

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