Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another 50 minute masterpiece!

One of my most favorite tools in the shop is the 

Veritas Journeyman's Brass Mallet, from Lee Valley. Damn, I love their tools.  

So when the handle broke (for the third time!) - I had to take an hour out of the day to make a new one. It didn't take much prodding - playing on the lathe is always a nice diversion.

 I found a piece of very straight grained oak - perfect for a handle.

 I prepped it for mounting it on the lathe, 

and then turned it down to a comfortable size. 

I used a small scrap of baltic birch plywood so that I wouldn't hit the chuck with my lathe tools. 

Every now and then, I'd test the size by gripping it - I didn't want it too big for my (small) hands.

Eventually, the size and shape was perfect - I made it a bit longer than the original handle.

That one alway seemed a little short to me!

A little shellac and wax, and then it was ready to mount to the mallet head. 

The small tenon on the end came off with a chisel and a bit of sanding.

 And here it is - another 50 minute masterpiece! There are times when these little projects are just what I need - quick and easy diversions to the bigger pieces I build. Plus - they're much easier on my back!

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